DIWPA Organization

To promote networking and research projects, DIWPA plans to make a core center, regional centers and field stations. The core center will carry the central office function for DIWPA, and be equipped with an inventory system of biodiversity and an information system, including a library.

The staff consists of the director, managing professors, secretaries and technicians. Regional centers manage field stations and regional inventory and information systems. Each regional center is jointly managed by a local coordinator and a coordinator sent from the core center. Field Stations maintain field sites and provide laboratory and accommodation facilities for visitors. Laboratory facilities should include those for basic laboratory analyses and field experiments. Each Field Station stores basic information of climate, flora and fauna and arrange specimens.

DIWPA has one chairperson and the steering committee. The steering committee currently consists of 11 members representing each region. Secretarial services are being provided at the Secretary Office placed at the Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University.